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Thank you for taking part in the Supremo breast cancer trial. In this area of the website you will find more information about the trial, including the trial protocol, information about the substudies, and a separate area on pathology grading.

Trial Management

Collaborating Breast Cancer Trial Groups Summary Of Trial

Protocol (version 29)

Neoadjuvant eligability flowchart (version 29) Download pdf document

Non-Neoadjuvant eligability flowchart (version 29) Download pdf document

Explaining SUPREMO to patients - notes for clinicians

For those looking to complete the radiotherapy quality assurance (RTQA), information on this can be found via the link below.

Radiotherapy Quality Assurance


Compatible Trials

Please contact a member of the Supremo team at SCTRU if you have any queries regarding compatible trials.

Initiation presentation slides

This is a template initiation/training presentation for all sites Download powerpoint presentation

Event tracking



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