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Health Economics Sub-Study

In addition to the other sub-studies we have also introduced a Health Economics sub-study. This will be introduced to a subset of UK centres and are expected to be those sites who are also participating in the Quality of Life study.

The main aim of this study is to assess the cost effectiveness of adjuvant irradiation. The assessments will take the form of a single patient self-reporting diary to be given to consenting patients by a member of staff at the centre at the time of randomisation to the SUPREMO trial. There will be separate diaries given to patients dependent on whether the patient is randomised to receive radiotherapy to chest wall or randomised to receive no radiotherapy to chest wall and whether the patient received post-operative chemotherapy. These diaries are colour coded for clarification at sites to ensure that the correct diary is given to the patient based on their randomisation and whether the patient received post-operative chemotherapy.

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